Kottonmouth Kings

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Kottonmouth Kings

Boondox, Sober Junkie, Tustoned Kids, Twenty Dollar Prophets

Thu, Feb 7, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

The Rock

Tucson, AZ


Kottonmouth Kings
Kottonmouth Kings
After 18 years the Kings are finally Legal!! The Kottonmouth Kings have become a underground institution and Phenomenom. The Kings have sold over 4 million records and created a subculture and lifestyle around the groups music and Fashion.

Not one to sit on the sidelines,The kings got back in the Studio and are creating the Musical Landscape for the Future with The Full Length "Krown Power". The Kings plan on a late summer 2014 release. 4/20/14 marked the Dawning of a New Era when the Kings hosted The Buddah Fest and released a free 5 song EP "The Buddha Shack". The reaction has been so powerful,The fan base crashed the Kings Servers hundreds of times with over 70,000+ downloads.

Known Power will set the stage for the Kings new Label founded by Xavier,The United Family Music group. The Label Has a incredibly expansive and eclectic group of Artists That Have a entire years worth of releases Ready to go..It's truly a musical revolution based on progressive technology that provides real time analytics and total transparency for the Artists and Label.

The kings have a busy 2014 &15 launching the new label, music, wrapping up season one of the Kings stoney cartoon "Stonetown" and filming their first full length feature stoner comedy movie.

The Kings crossed the 1M+ on Facebook and have an rapidly expanding network with over 29,000 newsletter subscribers. We have a seasonal merchandise line with new styles and accessories rolling out constantly. It has been empowering taking back one by one all of our income streams that were kept away from us..We have been through hell but the Kings are back to tell the world about their incredible Journey,That will be released on the Free the Kings documentary With Krown Power.

The Kings have so much great music and content to release to the World. D-loc has a solo full length "Bong Tokes & Love Notes", Videos; "Chirp Chirp" and "Represent Peace".

Dirtball Has a Red hot full length "Fire Strike" dropping with special guests Dizzie Wright, Snow Tha Product, Blaze Ya Dead Homey and others! The Dirtball has very intense indie film "Broken Eye" that accompanies "Fire Strike". "Fire Strike" is The Dirtball's 5th solo effort and cements him as one of the most potent lyricist in The Game!
Just as Psychopathic Records begins to fully establish its own distinctive sound recognizable by thousands and thousands of Juggalos and lovers of underground wicked shit everywhere, this new project expands any known boundaries and shatters all previous expectations.

This new and devastating release is called "The Harvest," and the artist is known as Boondox. Hailing from the deep Southern town of Covington, Ga., Boondox delivers a unique and brand new take on the wicked shit. As ICP's Violent J recently commented, "What makes Boondox automatically so different from the rest of the Fam, is that he's not from the blocks, he's from the crops... He's not from the streets but from the fields. Boondox is to music what "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "The Hills Have Eyes", "The Devils Rejects" and "Wrong Turn" are to movies. That back woods, country, crazy, hillbilly shit is straight up scary!"

His debut album "The Harvest" has top-notch production by the one and only Mike E. Clark, who held nothing back on this project. Recorded at both the Fun House studio and the Lotus Pod in Detroit, Boondox tears it up over everything from Southern sounding banjo and harmonica loops to Clark's patented sick-ass drum beats, crisp guitars, and fat bass drops. Clark and Boondox even recruited Tino Grosse from Detroit's legendary Southern Funk band "The Howling Diablos" to help lay a haunting, heavy bass riff on the track "Outhere." The Harvest album also features guest appearances by labelmates Twiztid, Blaze, AMB and ICP.

The first single is a wicked track about snake handlers called "Pray With Snakes." The video--directed by Violent J--was shot on location in Newton County, Georgia and features authentic rural settings from Boondox's upbringing. The video will be available soon for free download on Boondox's web site. Future music videos are being filmed as well including the albums next single "It Ain't a Thang." Also coming soon will be live concert and live interview footage as the new website continues to build up its contents.

Before signing with Psychopathic, Boondox spent several years involved with various other rap and rock projects in Covington, including droppin' several underground mix tapes... But nothing like the adventures that he's embarking on today. He'll be joining ICP on a world tour in the next year, that includes swings through Canada, Europe, and Australia and which will last late into 2007.

In tradition with the Hatchet's antics for big-time showmanship, Boondox fits right in donning a dusty scarecrow style hat, a macabre face paint design, and country boy duds and boots. His stage show features an elaborate country lookin' stage set. And he's not alone up there on stage, as he's joined by a ferocious live drummer and also a deadly live DJ. All this plus several other surprises during his show, which add fuel and energy to the madness of a Boondox concert.

Boondox is truly set to bring forth brand new elements to the already devastating Psychopathic family stable. Jamie Madrox of Twiztid has called him "Leatherface on the mic." Monoxide has said, "He sounds like a sling blade killer."

We ask you this... walking down a dark alley in the middle of the night, or walking down a dark dirt road? Which seems worse? They both seem like there could be problems. Boondox and his sickle knives have already begun slicing and dicing their way threw the underground. Look for the Skarcrow in your backyard real soon. Ya hear?
Tustoned Kids
Venue Information:
The Rock
136 N Park Ave
Tucson, AZ